Dr. Karen Stroud (DC, Adj Ac)

Dr. Karen Stroud

(DC, Adj Ac)

Dr. Karen Stroud studied at the University of Waterloo before attending Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, graduating in 2001. While there she earned a Governor’s Club Corporate Members’ Award, Students’ Council Awards of Merit and two Birdie Hood Hickey Estate Awards. Karen practiced briefly in Ontario before arriving in Saskatchewan in January 2002. She has been in private practice in Saskatchewan since that time with the exception of two maternity leaves. She considers herself very lucky to make her living doing something she enjoys so much.

Karen studied Clinical Acupuncture with the Canadian Academy of Clinical Acupuncture, completing the 220 hour program in 2000. Karen is registered with the Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Association of Canada, meaning that most health plans will reimburse for acupuncture treatment. Karen loves to practice acupuncture because of the serenity and peace it brings to most patients.

Karen has given back to the profession she loves by working on the CAS Discipline Committee, Admittance Interviews Committee and as an examiner for the Canadian Board Exams.

When not in the office, Karen is usually with her young family, teaching them the importance of good nutrition and physical activity. Karen is a zealous cook, a keen reader, and has recently learned to make a few balloon animals.