SMRC has provided multidisciplinary rehabilitation programs since 1996. We have a large modern facility to accommodate clients’ rehabilitation needs. We have a very experienced staff, who take special interest in a comprehensive rehabilitation approach. SMRC offers multidisciplinary rehabilitation programs for secondary level SGI clients and secondary and tertiary level WCB clients.

We also provide custom developed physical rehabilitation program tailored to suit the needs of clients funded by other insurance companies. We can develop and provide return to function and return to work programs in consultation with rehabilitation consultants and insurance companies to assist clients with recovery from physical injury or physical rehabilitation / reconditioning after medical procedures that have resulted in decreased function.

We have a comprehensive team of onsite providers in the areas of Physical therapy, Chiropractic, Exercise therapy, and Psychology. We also have access to consultant physicians. The team components can be made up of any or all of these services to meet the needs of the client within the funding structure available.