COVID-19 UPDATE (UPDATED July 09, 2021)

Congratulations Saskatchewan on reaching this point in the covid-19 pandemic where the Government of Saskatchewan has removed the Public Health Order around continuous masking, social distancing and gathering restrictions. 

 We appreciate there are many questions and concerns regarding these changes – many are excited to toss their masks, others are cautious and concerned. 

 SMRC will not be making any sweeping changes to our policies put in place as we moved through this pandemic, which means we will continue to screen clients/visitors prior to entering our facility and that we are asking all that enter to continue to wear their medical grade masks in our clinic – we will continue to supply these masks if you do not have one.  Our waiting area will remain “closed” - please call us at 306-244-9944 from the parking lot prior to entering the building to confirm we are ready for you.

We are guided by the Government and our respective professional colleges that recommend therapists in all practice settings continue to wear medial grade masks.  We appreciate that clients/visitors at our facility are no longer obliged to wear masks with the removal of the public order, however we ask you to continue to do so along with our staff to assist in keeping all healthy. 

Prior to any appointment you must complete the screening questions found here If you are sick in any way please re-schedule your appointment. 

A complete list of the new policies can be found on our web page by clicking on this link. The safety of our staff and patients continues to be our number one priority.  We all have a huge responsibility to follow the guidelines set out by the government.

Keep up the good work Saskatchewan.